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Create Your Own Salad

Our Kitchen is Your Kitchen
Create Your Salad In 4 Easy Steps!!

(1)Pick a green (2)Pick any 5 toppings (3)Pick any freshly made house dressing (4)Add Extra

1. Pick Choice of Greens
Baby Spinach / Spring Mix / Romaine Lettuce

2. Pick up to 5 Toppings
TomatoesChickpeasBlue Cheese
CarrotsMini Sweet PeppersFeta Cheese
CucumbersJalapenosCheddar Cheese
Sweet CornCilantroParmesan Cheese
JicamaNuts, Cheese, OthersPanko Bread Crumbs
Red OnionsHoney Roasted AlmondsCrispy Tortilla
Black OlivesSmoked Gouda CheeseHardboiled Egg

Green Apples / Oranges / Mango

3. Pick One House Dressing
Orange sesame vinaigretteLemon herb ranch dressing
Spicy ponzu vinaigretteGreen Tea signature dressing
Greek yogurt dressing GFHomemade caesar dressing
Creamy chipotle dressing

GF=Gluten Free

4. Add Extra
Seasonal Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Squash
Applewood smoked bacon
Grilled herb marinated chicken
Applewood smoked turkey
Korean BBQ beef
Grilled jumbo shrimp

Vegetable 6.50
Grilled Herb Marinated Chicken 7.95
Apple Wood Smoked Turkey 7.25
Korean BBQ Beef 8.95
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp 9.95